rbbn ctrl

I've done some research on DIY ribbon controllers recently, and after what seems like endless pondering, I'm coming up with results! Building these things is ridiculously easy. And cheap. And fun.

I'm trying to teach myself some techniques and test different materials as I'm thinking this would be a perfect thing to show people how to build in workshops.

Moving and all is taking up a lot of time and brain, so I'm not too sure if I'm gonna be able to do it in London before I leave. It's a bit of a shame, but I already have so many things to do I won't stress myself too much about it.



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I'm outta here

Dear London friends,

I've mentioned it earlier, so I guess some of you are aware that I am leaving London for good quite soon. Right now, I'm planning my leaving party.

Which is going to happen on 4/4/14 at my home.

Obviously, this is a big thing for me. I would like to celebrate the time I spent here with the people I spent it with. So if you ever thought about me as someone you enjoyed having met, please consider coming. Oh, and please bring your nice friends and drinks, too.

If the weather works in our favour, we're gonna meet in the afternoon to do a nice bbq in Burgess Park, where we'll stay until we feel like going over to my place which is just around the corner. There, we shall drink alcoholic beverages and such, talk to each other, and have one nice time together. I'm not super fussed about the music. Please bring your songs, so we can either dance or sit around listening to them.

There's probably gonna be some kind of live multimedia extravaganza. Not quite sure how exactly.

Just two things:

1: It is gonna be in South London. Crossing a river doesn't hurt nearly as much as you'd imagine it would. I do it on a daily basis. Also, not being able to do so doesn't count as a valid excuse for not showing up. There's enough space to stay the night. 2: Don't click the 'join' button unless you are at least 95% sure you're gonna show up. For some weird reason, I tend to expect people who say they'll come to actually do so. Please don't disappoint me needlessly.

And another thing:

I'm quite broke and the whole moving thing is gonna eat up a significant amount of money. I was first thinking of organising some kind of a more 'event-ish' fundraiser benefit whatever with an entry fee and sold drinks, but then I decided that the stress of organising such a thing in combination with the moving preparations would probably give me at least a minor nervous breakdown, so no. I would very much appreciate if you'd consider buying some of the cool stuff that I'm thinking of selling:

Like a roll of my 'der Warst' sticky tape.

Or some really cool handmade Glow in the Dark der Warst T-shirts. (mostly small sizes left, though...)

I might make some kind of super special edition CD until then, as well.

I'll have a Look around what else I can find...

I'd also be open for donations, if you don't want any of my stuff...

So yeah, Love, Simon



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