Playing at Shunt London tonight!

Surreal Nightmares at Shunt

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A weekend of Surreal Nightmares made flesh in performance, installation, photography and music. Shunt, Londons most unique and exciting arts venue and bar, plays host to the extreme, the macabre and the perverse for two nights only.

The concept is to turn The Machine (a three tiered performance space and relic of the industrial revolution) into a fabric of nightmare episodes; all generated by the unconscious mind of one deprave...d indivual (cast as the appalling Robert Spragg).

This figure sleeps on soiled sheets and tosses and turns in a polluted swimming pool dreamscape. He has been given these nightmares by the excessive consumption of tinned ‘all day breakfast’- referencing the seminal piece All Day Breakfast by Richard Crow (Performing a new piece in the Bank space).

Over the course of the weekend a number of 2D works,performances, films and installations will be shown over the Shunt space incorporating the fabric of the machine into the one immersive installation that is The Surreal Nightmare.

Curated by Robin Spalding Thanks to Robert Spragg


FRIDAY 19th November- 9.30-1.30am Free Entry




SATURDAY 20th November- 8.30-1.30am £5 Entry




Also including: The Barefoot Disco-ones worst nightmares come to life to the soundtrack of Prince



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