In September, Jos asked me to come along to the Schmiede in Hallein, Austria. The whole event was an extraordinary experience and would be enough for something like 5 Posts here, but as usually, I was waaay too busy to post anything. It always makes me wonder how the hell people manage to have their documentation up 5 minutes after they've done something, but since all the creativity lifestyle guides on The Internet constantly advise me to not compare myself with others, I will stop pondering on the issue now.

Thing is: I played a gig there which was an awful lot of fun. Later people told me it was a bit too loud, but the place had the weirdest acoustics and there was no technician to take care of the sound, blablabla, whatever.
Fortunately, Jos and Anselm agreed to film the whole gig, and even more important, edit the footage afterwards.

Jos made a short clip of one of the 'songs', which I decided to call Borkage:

Anselm edited the whole thing into a 55 minute concert film:

I love how both managed to decently capture the intensity and randomness of what is der Warst.

Uh, Yeah, great stuff guys. Thanks a lot.



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