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, 09 2013

Gazillion Gazebo

Usually, I don't talk publicly about stuff that I just sent out, having no idea how the other side is gonna pick it up. I spent hours and hours today thinking about how to write two sentences. After having actively avoided to think about them for some days. And then it just had to be done. No time, no time.

And here it was. After hours of trying to formulate some farty crap to impress whomever:

The Gazillion Gazebo

Gazillion Gazebo

An audio-visal live performance/installation loosely based on the overflow of information encountered in an urban environment. Operating a laboratory of Warstware (circuit bent video and sound equipment), Simon Schäfer alias der Warst transforms a customary gazebo into both an immersive environment and a vibrant public sculpture.

I really want to do this. Hopefully it's gonna work...

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