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, 04 2011

Back to Nijmegen on 19th of July

Still feeling kind of deflated from taking down the show (and all of last weeks antics), I have to start taking care about future endeavours. There's a few more applications to be written and I seriously despise Artist statements, so this is gonna be .

But there's a few pleasant things coming up as well:

First of all, on 19.07.2011 der Warst will gloriously return to Nijmegen, where he's gonna play at the de-affaire festival

Also, now that I suddenly have way more time on my hands than I can handle, I really need to think about doing that DVD for Hand baked records.

I'll probably make some quick'n'dirty CD for Nijmegen, too.

Oh, and a lot of my gear seriously needs to go to the maintenance bay...

Keine Atempause, Geschichte wird gemacht.

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