Bis einer heult.

Finally here's some documentation for my most recent art endeavour. I have a piece in this show 'Batman Elektronik' in Berlin right now. After not having had anything sculptural out for more than a year, this feels a bit like a comeback thing.

Bis einer heult

I'm not sure how and when I got inspired to build something out of inflatable weapons, but once I had them, I instantly felt the old love of materials and working with space again.

Inflatable Weapons

Also, my housemates were delighted when the first batch arrived:

I was surprised by how easy it actually was to glue those things together, but I didn't expect them to be made that badly. Over the course of building the sculpture, more or less every time I inflated it, I had to discover another seam that had cracked. A main offender was the gun I found this bizarre review for:

Instead of being 'pretty cool' as the lady here keeps insisting, this peace of shit had its seams ripping apart in different places at least 6-7 times, and of course it wasn't the only one doing that. Which meant that the sculpture most of the time deflated within minutes after being pumped up regardless of how many patches I'd already put on.

I thought of finding some automated solution for inflating it, but after some fruitless efforts of trying to find a strong enough electric pump, I decided to just do it by hand around every half hour during the private view. So if you happen to be in Berlin some time between now and the 19th of January, you're either gonna have to ask the gallery staff to inflate it for you or even better, do it yourself, to see it in all its glory...



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Batman Elektronik

Wooh, I have a piece in a show in Berlin right now.

Batman Elektronik


Opening of the show & artist book release

opening 08.11.2013 // 6pm-9pm @

Galerie Mikael Andersen

Pfefferberg, Haus 4 Christinenstrasse 18/19 / 10119 Berlin (close to U2, Senefelderplatz) Opening hours Galerie Mikael Andersen Tue-Sat 12-6 pm / show open till 19.01.2014 / free entry

list of artists Andreas Arndt, Madeleine Boschan, Mitchel Breed, Chad Burt, Frieder Butzmann, Sol Calero, Francesco Cavaliere, C U, Jan Deyrieux, Alex Dordoy, Lucie Freyenhagen, Christina Gay, Philip Grözinger, Nathan Gwynne, Andy Hope 1930, Nicolas Humbert, Christopher Kline, Raul Kraz, Sebastian Meschenmoser, Zoë Claire Miller, Paula Müller, Patrick Niemann, Julia Oschatz, Michael Pohl, Emma van der Put, Judy Ross, Simon Schäfer, Caroline Schmidt, Nicolás Spencer, Steven Warwick, Marlon Wobst

list of writers Agatha Gristly, Stephan Schleim, Volker Pietsch, Rune Gade

curated by Ernst Markus Stein & Fritz Bornstück

Batman Presstext



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Gazillion Gazebo und Walpodenakademie

Nun ist es also eine Sache! Oder genau genommen sogar zwei.

Nachdem sich der Frankfurter Verein fuer Kuenstlerhilfe e.V. bereit erklaert hat, das Projekt finanziell zu schultern, Ist es mir eine aussergewoehnliche Freude, mitzuteilen, dass meine merkwuerdige Kopfgeburt Gazillion Gazebo tatsaechlich stattfinden wird.

Was dann auch bedeutet, dass ich mir dann am Freitag und Samstag jeweils von 20-22 Uhr in Frankfurt auf dem Rossmarktgelaende umgeben von jeder Menge anderer abgefahrener Projekte anderer Leute ordentlich den Allerwertesten abfrieren darf. Hui, das wird ein Spass.

Weiterhin gibt es dann noch begeistert zu vermelden, dass ich am darauf folgenden Montagabend, den 25. Maerz in der Walpodenakademie in Mainz unter dem wirren Motto: "Drinnen draussen sein", audiovisuell aufspielen werde. Wer also nach der Lichternummer noch nicht genug, oder dafuer keine Zeit gefunden hat, der soll doch einfach nach Mainz kommen. Das ist dann dem "draussen" im Namen zum Trotze auch drinnen, da muss man dann also nicht so frieren.

Hier ach nochmal das offizielle Fressenbuch-event. das teht dann noch ein wirrer Text und eine Wegbeschreibung dabei:



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atmer: dlp

It sometimes happens that I find myself creating something that just makes me sit back and stare at it forever. It happened in this case and I'm really proud of it. Made only with a few lines of improper html (marquee tag), a bit of css and one gif animation.

It also marks the 27th addition to the ongoing atmer project

atmer atmer dlp atmer



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