Gazillion Gazebo Video

Here's some documentation of the Gazillion Gazebo project. It was a lot fun, even if I expected to freeze off a toe or my arse or something...

Anyways, here it is, and with it a big thank you to the great people of LICHTER Streetview, The Frankfurter Verein für Künstlerhilfe for saving the project financially and Heike for filming. And of course to everyone who was there for being there!



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Post Performance Syndrome...

So there have been a few shows recently. Generally, it feels good to be playing live again. Althought the new setup needs a lot of work until it functions in a way that I want it to. But that's only my stuff and I didn't really expect it to work right away. In any case, it would be way less of a problem if it wasn't for all those fucking annoying PA idiots.

How come so many sound system people are just absolute fucking pussies when it comes to aggressive electronic live music? They bring a completely oversized PA to the venue and play punk bands and breakcore records at deafening volumes, but once I'm on, they shit their pants and turn the levels down to barely audible. Even if I tell them to turn it up about 4 times. Of course then the audience gets annoyed and leaves.


It is so incredibly annoying to have just another performance ruined by some sound guy who just doesn't fucking get it.

And don't even get me started about that drugged idiot who thinks he needs to touch my instruments/mixer/whatever.

Yes, I am in a slightly bad mood.



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Night shift revisited

It's been close to a year now since I had the Night Shift show at Simon Oldfield Gallery. Yesterday, I was surprised in a very very nice way by Rebecca Helen Page, who has filmed bits of the performance I've done there and uploaded them to Vimeo.

It was quite a noisy performance with very weird sound and I had very short hair at that time.

The desk I had my instruments on was absolutely gorgeous. It felt like my own private TARDIS.

Thanks a lot Rebecca.



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die gute Situation machen

So begab es sich denn, dass ich mich mal wieder in meiner letzten Wahlheimat Offenbach einfand, folgend dem Ruf des sehr umtriebigen Herrn Jos Diegel, der hier und anderswo seine Kunst in unzähligen Formen unters Volk wirft.

Eine neuerliche Kollaboration war längst angesagt und lange angedacht und endlich nun also wird das, was sich in unseren Köpfen zusammenschwurbelte, seinen Weg in die Außenwelt finden. Und das geht dick rein.

Sonntag, den 1. Jilu 2012:


Was gibt es schon besseres zu tun, wenn sich alles ins Innere verlegt, als eine Situation zum rausgucken. Zu einer wirklich gemeinsamen ernst gemeinten Sache treffen sich zwei zu einer Übung, nicht im Freien, aber im Vorstellbaren. Diese Sache ändert sich dann stündlich. Die Fortsetzung der Immobilie mit anderen Mitteln, das mobile Haus wandert mit der Sonne oder mit uns. Eine asymmetrische multimediale Präsenz wegen, zu, auf, für und gegen die Rhetorik der Stadt, die wir nicht sind.

So ab 5-6 Uhr bis ein paar Stunden später, wir haben ja Zeit.

In der Nähe des Unicampus Bockenheim in Frankfurt (mehr lässt sich zur Ortsbestimmung noch nicht sagen. kommt einfach dahin, ihr findet das dann schon). Könnt auch schon früher kommen, Da gibts nämlich das Sommerfest vom Kulturcampus Frankfurt und mithin einiges zu sehen und tun und so.

Gut gut.


I'm back in my last chosen Hometown Offenbach to finally pursue a long due cooperation with the very busy Mister Jos Diegel.

Sunday 1. Jylu 2012:


surprisingly accurate Google translation:

What is there to do better when it's all moved into the interior, as a situation to watch out. For a really common thing seriously meant to take two of an exercise, not outside, but the unimaginable. This matter will then change every hour. The continuation of the property by other means, the mobile home moves with the sun or with us. An asymmetric multi-media presence due to, on, for and against the rhetoric of the city that we are not.

Its gonna start around 5-6 and will go on for a few hours. Near the Unversity Campus Bockenheim in Frankfurt. Just go there, You'll find it eventually.

You can also come earlier for the summerfest of Kulturcampus Frankfurt, as there are going to be plenty of other nice things to see and do and stuff.

Good Good.

Simon Schäfer der Warst



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Night shift

simon oldfield logo

Night Shift

Katy Kirbach & Simon Schäfer



Private View
7 September 2011, 18.30 — 20.30

Exhibition continues to
28 September 2011

Night Shift explores the relationship between painting, sculpture and performance with new work by Simon Schäfer and Katy Kirbach.  

The exhibition examines the tension between the handmade and ready-made; multiplicity and uniqueness; live event and still object; the diurnal and nocturnal.  Night Shift is visually and aurally layered with texture, sound, digital feeds, colour and analogue electronics.




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Simon Schäfer / der Warst @ dorkbot London wed 14th

I will do a talk/performance at dorkbot London #68 about/with my circuit bent audiovisual live performance system amah-intend. There's other presenters as well, so it will be a nice informative evening. Everyone please come by, bring all your friends and enemies.

Great Western Studios Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London W2 5EU




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