I have posted it elsewhere on christmas, but I completely forgot to post it here. Oh well, happy chinese new year then...

Here is the recording of my gig at autumnblips at Panke in Berlin.
A few months after this gig, the memory battery of one of my gameboy cartridges died, thereby erasing two years worth of songs. The idiot that I am also hasn't really taken care of backing up anything since then. Some of those songs I have not even recorded. I will never be able to play, let alone hear them anymore. No one will. They will be fading ghosts in the back of my brain that will haunt me whenever I get reminded of a particular melody or a beat or whatever...

Everytime I touch my Gameboy now, or actually any portable gaming device, it burns LIKE HELL!!!!. I will have to learn to love it again, but right now the disappointment is overpowering.

This was the last real 'official' recording from this particular cart. It feels very important to me, because it kind of sums up what I've been doing in those two years. And it shows me that it's time for a change in program. The Gameboy has dominated my set for quite a while now and in a way, I have started to let myself be limited through that.

So, a few days ago, I built a new Lab, And from here on, I think my sound will be a bit different again. Looking forward to a new challenge.



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